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Ending a wonderful summer in Croatia

Ending my summer with the last group trip to Croatia.

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The One Where We Were At Friendsfest

This is the One where we visited Friendsfest in Brighton, England. A tribute to one of the most iconic sitcoms of the 90s.

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Secret surprise trip!

I love surprises. Not necessarily to get them, but rather to give them. If Linsay and I give each other a surprise, we will not fail to make eachother very curious the weeks leading up to it.

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Rhein Falls -Taking Ushi home

The destination is fixed, our itinerary is not. Drawing our destination the evening before departure leads us to Rhine Falls, Switzerland. After seven days of traveling, our dog Ushi is finally home.

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The last campfire

Saying goodbye to fellow travelers with which you’ve experienced amazing days is always hard. Maybe it’s the last time they cross your life path.

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Sweden Glamping into the wild

Geen vuur maken en geen kooksetjes gebruiken. Een regel die in werking is getreden sinds de bosbranden in Zweden om verdere natuurrampen te voorkomen. Te begrijpen natuurlijk, maar een ramp als je als reisbegeleider een groep van tien reizigers een…

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Sweden 2.0

I’m going to Sweden on Monday. I know what you think. ‘Hasn’t he been to Sweden already this year?’ That’s true and no you’re not reading an old blog. On Monday I’m going for the second time this year to Sweden.

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Norway and weekend France

Second week of our Norway trip. Unfortunately the last one as well. Our weekend we’ve spent in Northern France in our Volkswagen bus.

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